Driving value and growth through
rapid change and operational improvement


Over $300 million increase in growth and value for clients

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    Due Diligence

    Due diligence is a precautionary process that reduces transaction risk by …

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    Interim Management

    Our seasoned executive Peter serves in leadership, financial management,….

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    Operational Improvement

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Originally from Boston and based in Miami since 2002, Peter is an accomplished and proven C-Level Executive known for driving company value and growth through rapid change and operational improvement. With both public and private company experience, his work has been recognized for guiding companies with vision alignment, leadership, strategic planning, restructuring, team building, and strategies resulting in long-term sustainable results. As a Management Consultant, his clients enjoyed more than $300 million in sales growth from his work. Peter’s accomplishments include a Malcolm Baldrige award finalist, a finalist for Manufacturer of the Year in South Florida, and his earned trust with employees twice defeated organized labor. <


Peter Haines built Cybex International into a worldwide leader in the health and fitness industry. Peter’s passion for growing the business and for creating the best team in the industry was energizing. He is a very strategic, yet practical, thinker, and effectively engages all levels of the organization in his vision.

Gary Rosenfield

Gary Rosenfield

Chief Marketing Officer - IPS Corporation

Peter Haines of Horizon Growth is one of the most personable, easy to work with and bright men I have ever worked for.
As a manager, he is second to none.
He is actively involved and really cares.

Shari Lynn Kramer

Shari Lynn Kramer

Peter is a very respectful, but tough leader, who drove Trotter, than Cybex in a very positive growth direction, while gaining strong industry support, credible engineering, and marketing leadership. Peter demonstrated the ability to lead a company through start-up growth, into a recognizable organization.

Donald Savastano

Donald Savastano

If you want to meet a dynamic and strategically focused professional, Peter should be on your list. His understanding of the business environment and how the tactics of growth need to be formed and executed is one of his personal strengths.

Steve Nostrand

Steve Nostrand